2015 Olive Oil of the Month Club

Join our Olive Oil of the Month Club!
12- and 6-month subscriptions are available for $170 and $90. Oils should be ready to pick up in the store during the first week of the month. The option to ship is available for an additional $5 per month. 6-month club members may select which oils they wish to receive. To join please call or e-mail us at 412.362.1942 or oliveandmarlowe@gmail.com.

January - Cracked Black Pepper
February - Chocolate
March - Fire-Roasted Chili
April - Rosemary Lavender
May - Rhubarb
June - Habañero
July - Smoked Hickory
August - Cilantro & Garlic
September - Oregano
October - Chili Garlic
November - Herbes de Provence
December - Lemon Pepper

New Holiday Location at Ross Park Mall

From now through January 15th, we will have a kiosk at Ross Park Mall. Find us on the first level below the food court and in between Express and Swarovski. We will have all of our products available, including sampler sets and gift boxes.


The 2014 harvest Olio Nuovo hit our shelves this week. Come pick up a bottle (it makes a wonderful gift) while it lasts. We have a limited quantity of this green, grassy, herbaceous first-press oil so don't wait! $22 for a 375 ml bottle.

Olive & Marlowe Products Available at Allegheny City Market

There's good news for residents of the North Side: Allegheny City Market in the Mexican War Streets (1327 Arch St.) carries a selection of our olive oils and balsamic vinegars. Stop by and support an independent neighborhood grocer!

Order from Olive & Marlowe, even if you're not in Pittsburgh

Did you know that you can order from us online and we can ship our products to you anywhere in the world? See the contact page for instructions on how to order via email or phone.

Can't make it to the shop? Olive & Marlowe delivers!

Want any of our products but don't have time for a trip to East Liberty? We happily deliver within a ten mile radius of East Liberty for a mere $2 delivery fee. Give us a call at (412) 660-8256 and we'll get your order to you via the Oilmobile!

La Gourmandine Breads & Pastries

On Saturdays we carry a selection of breads and pastries from La Gourmandine Bakery in Lawrenceville. Save yourself from a long wait in line at the popular French bakery and pick up a treat or bread for the weekend here. Products not listed below are available upon request (contact us by Thursday when we place our order for the weekend).

Baguette traditionelle - $2
Baguette sur poolish - $2.50
Ciabatta - $3
Pain aux céréales - $3.60
Rasin Walnut - $3.50
Focaccia aux olives - $4
Croissant - $2.25
Croissant aux amandes - $3.50
Pain au chocolat - $2.50
Pain aux raisins - $2.50

Apoidea Apiary Honeys

We're proud to carry local honeys from Apoidea Apiary, located in Shaler. Christina Neuman runs the apiary and infuses her honeys with herbs, spices and, in the case of her fire honeys, chili peppers to create decadent, flavorful, and truly unique finishing elements.

We offer the following varieties in 4 ounce bottles:

Cardamom + Rose - $11
Chocolate Peppermint - $11
Dark Rosemary - $11
Fireside Chai - $11
Ginger Marmalade - $11
CCC (Chipotle Citrus Chili)* - $12
Damiana Rose Elixir* - $12
Hell Broth* - $12
Sweet Chili* - $12

*fire honeys

The Berry Patch Jams & Jellies

The Berry Patch in Ligonier supplies us with their wonderful jams and jellies, produced from fruits grown on their farm. $6 - 8 ounce jar; $4 - 4 ounce jar


Red Raspberry
Sweet & Sour Cherry
Very Berry
Hot Blackberry
Hot Peach
Hot Raspberry
Hot Strawberry
Blackberry Habañero
Cranberry Habañero
Pineapple Habañero
Raspberry Habañero

Jellies (available in 4 ounce jars only):

Blackberry Merlot
Blueberry Champagne
Raspberry Chardonnay
White Zinfandel
Big Hop beer jelly (featuring East End Brewing Co.'s Big Hop)
Black Strap Stout beer jelly (featuring East End Brewing Co.'s Black Strap Stout)